Legal Updates

$11,533.63 in Lawsuit Against Landlord

Plaintiff came to the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos seeking justice.  She was wrongfully evicted from her rental property.  She was sued in court without notice, and a default judgment was entered against her.  Before she was evicted, plaintiff had spent thousands of dollars renovating the property.  The plaintiff hired Mark Copoulos to restore her credit and sue her landlord.

Mark Copoulos filed a Petition to Open Default Judgment.  The petition was granted, and Attorney Copoulos appeared in court on behalf of plaintiff.  At the court hearing, Attorney Copoulos convinced the judge to open and vacate the judgment against plaintiff, thereby restoring the plaintiff’s credit.

Mr. Copoulos was not finished.  After vacating the judgment against the landlord, he sued the landlord for damages arising from the wrongful eviction.  Mr. Copoulos ultimately obtained a judgment of $11,533.63 on behalf of his satisfied client.

If your landlord is not respecting your rights as a tenant, contact the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos.