Ten Ways to Evict a Tenant Fast

When an unwanted individual is living in your property you need to get them out fast. Many tenants in Philadelphia exploit lenient landlord-tenant laws to live for months at a property rent-free. If you have a diligent and expeditious Philadelphia landlord and tenant lawyer you can minimize the duration the unwanted tenants holdover. Here are […]

Philadelphia Real Estate Lawyer on Sheriff Sales

Philadelphia, PA is an expensive town to buy property. The Philadelphia median home price is $219,600. Properties in Center City, West Philadelphia, or South Philadelphia can net prices upwards of one million dollars. With housing prices so high, it is no wonder that many people look for alternative options to purchase real estate. One such […]

Not Guilty Verdicts on DUI and REAP

Defendant, T.N., was facing criminal charges that would have life altering consequences if convicted.  She was charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Recklessly Endangering Another Person “REAP”.  The allegations were that T.N. drove her Nissan Maxima while severely impaired.  Police were alerted to the situation when T.N. struck another vehicle on 95-N. […]

Police Search Car With Probable Cause

In Pennsylvania, police can now search your vehicle without first obtaining a warrant. The state Supreme Court ruled that police are allowed to search vehicles without a warrant. The state General Assembly, meanwhile, is moving forward with a bill that would give cops the authority to arrest people caught with “suspicious compartments” in their vehicles, […]

Philly Criminal Lawyer on Marijuana Decriminalization

The People want Marijuana legalized.  According to a Franklin & Marshall survey, 56 percent of respondents want to legalize the drug.  Astonishingly, 75 percent of independent voters are in favor of legalization.  65 percent of Democrats favor legalization, with 44 percent of Republicans supporting it.  According to FM the sample error is +/- 4.9 percentage […]