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Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyer Mark D. Copoulos has successfully resolved dog bite cases in Philadelphia county. In Pennsylvania an injured party must establish negligence. It is not enough that an individual was bitten. The Plaintiff must show lack of reasonable care.

Often times an injured party will sue individuals other than the owner. To recover in a dog bite cases against a non-owner the plaintiff must establish knowledge of a dog’s dangerous propensities. This may mean the dog must have a documented history of aggressiveness.

Often times Civil Plaintiff’s attorneys will file baseless lawsuits. In such cases the injured party sues for damages but cannot show the dog owner was negligent. Similarly, in many cases the injured party was at fault. For example, if the injured party trespassed on the owner’s property and was bitten the Plaintiff may be responsible for his injury. Similarly, many dog owners will post signs warning of a dog’s viciousness. If a plaintiff disregarded these signs it may be difficult to establish negligence.


If you have been sued in Philadelphia, contact our Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyers for a free case evaluation. You do not have to prove anything to win your case. It is the Plaintiff who must show by a preponderance the owner was negligent. Therefore, it is important to understand your rights in a dog bite case. Many defendants may win their cases without paying anything to the suing party.

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